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Accelerated Article Preview in Nature by members of the Wysocka and Bassik Labs

An accelerated article preview of “Selective silencing of euchromatic L1s revealed by genome-wide screens for L1 regulators” by Nian Liu, Cameron H. Lee, Tomek Swigut, Edward Grow, Bo Gu, Michael Bassik, and Joanna Wysocka is available online in Nature.

Liu N, Lee CH, Swigut T, Grow E, Gu B, Bassik M, Wysocka J. (2017) Nature. 2017 Dec 6. doi: 10.1038/nature25179.

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Manuscript on Antigen Presentation Profiling Reveals Recognition of Lymphoma Immunoglobulin Neoantigens by Niclas Olsson and Joshua Elias accepted for publication in Nature

“Antigen Presentation Profiling Reveals Recognition of Lymphoma Immunoglobulin Neoantigens” has been accepted for publication in Nature. Niclas Olsson (CSB, Elias Lab) is the co-first-author along with Michael Khodadoust (Oncology, Alizadeh Lab). Joshua Elias (CSB) is the co-corresponding author with Ash Alizadeh (Oncology).

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New Theory Suggests That Negative Cooperativity Can Make A Switch-Life Response In Signaling

The standard theory on negative cooperativity where the binding of one ligand makes it harder for a second ligand to bind to multi-subunit receptors says that the higher the negative cooperativity, the more graded the receptor’s response. It turns out that there is a little algebraic shortcut built into the standard theory, but in many situations, especially intracellular signaling, this assumption does not hold.

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Cell Fate Control – A Numbers Game

The recent Science publication from the lab of Mary Teruel, “Controlling low rates of cell differentiation through noise and ultra-high feedback”, has been selected as a Science Editors’ Choice and has been featured in SCOPE, the Stanford School of Medicine online Blog.

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