Stanford School of Medicine

Chemical & Systems Biology


Administration Staff



Vanessa Jensen
Student Services Specialist
p: 650.723.9785 / f: 650.723.2253
e: vjensen@stanford.edu

Kathy Johnson
Administrative Associate – Mochly-Rosen and Grimes Labs
Faculty Affairs
p: 650.724.8098 / f: 650.723.4686
e: kathyj1@stanford.edu

Sandrin Kosasih
Administrative Associate – Cimprich, Wandless, and Wysocka Labs
p: 650.725.4209 / f: 650.725.2952
e: smarsha@stanford.edu


Cynthia Leyva
Administrative Associate – CSB Chair James Chen, Ferrell, and Jarosz Labs
p: 650.723.1040 / f: 650.723.2253
e: cleyva@stanford.edu

Qi Li

Qi Li
Finance Manager
p: 650.736.8640

Neal Pascua
Media and Communications Specialist
p: 650.498.1310 / f: 650.723.2253
e: npascua@stanford.edu

Robert Pearce
Operations Manager                                                                                                               p: 650.723.2375 / f: 650.723.2367
e: rpearce@stanford.edu

Jun Penano
Director of Finance and Administration
p: 650.723.5606 / f: 650.723.2367
e: jpenano@stanford.edu

Roy Tyra
Human Resources Manager, Basic Sciences Administrative Consortium
p: 650.723.7169 / f: 650.723.2367
e: roytyra@stanford.edu

Marisol Urbano
Program Manager
p: 650.725.5091 / f: 650.723.2253
e: urbano@stanford.edu

Jennie Visitacion
Administrative Associate – Elias, Meyer, and Teruel Labs
p: 650.724.2971 / f: 650.725.2952
e: jenniev@stanford.edu

Luciana Yerena
Human Resources Administrator, Basic Sciences Administrative Consortium
p: 650.736.4386
e: lyerena@stanford.edu