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The National Research Council ranks Stanford Chemical & Systems Biology #1

Posted by CSB Admin on November 7, 2010

Out of 116 pharmacology-related programs, Stanford University’s Chemical and Systems Biology Program was rated #1 by one overall metric (S-rankings), and was one of nine tightly-clustered schools at the top by the other overall metric (R-rankings) in the 2010 rankings published by the National Research Council. Stanford’s greatest strength was in the area of research activity.

Every 10-15 years the National Research Council rates PhD programs in the US. The factors that weighed into the ratings included students’ GRE scores, faculty publications and impact factors, median time to degree, and the presence or absence of various program-related resources and requirements (e.g. an active grad students association and formal ethics training, which Stanford has, and formal writing instruction, which Stanford does not have). The last time around (1995) Stanford was ranked #27.

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